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This experience using WordPress has drastically developed my abilities in using social media to promote myself. Before taking FDOM, I was very inexperienced and had little knowledge of how to use blogging and social media websites in a productive way other than for social benefits. I have learned a lot through taking this class, and I am happy to say that for the first time I am actually excited and anxious to begin a career using the skills I developed taking this class. Every week over the duration of this course has been extremely beneficial for me because I learned something new every time I went to do an assignment. Of course, some things were still difficult for me to figure out, but working through the problems and being able to troubleshoot issues on my own has been another great benefit in developing my computer usage skills. I finally feel like I have a purpose in using social media and look forward to using the skills I have learned to benefit my career as an inspiring sports writer.


Arian Foster Going Under the Knife


Arian Foster is again having surgery for a football related injury.

The driving force behind the Houston Texas offense, Arian Foster has consistently been the most productive running back in the NFL throughout his career. However, his productivity has resulted in excessive carries causing wear-and-tear on his body. Foster as been riddled with injuries, and the Texans star back has suffered another groin injury on Tuesday night’s practice. Foster was scheduled for surgery today in Philadelphia.

Although head coach Bill O’Brien downplayed the injury, reports of Foster’s status suggest that he sustained a very serious groin injury and could possibly be placed on he Texans’ IR designated to return list. This would suggest that Foster could miss close to the first half of the season.

It has been a very productive, yet injury-plagued career for the undrafted superstar that is Arian Foster, and continuing injuries such as this one cause one to wonder how much longer Foster’s greatness will be on display on football’s biggest stage.

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Photos from Ronda Rousey’s dominating performance against Brazil’s Bethe Correia in Las Vegas.

Here is a short video about myself and what I plan to accomplish with this blog.

Rousey KO’s Correia


Ronda Rousey has done it again. The UFC  Women’s Champion defended her tile against Brazil’s Beth Correia in Saturday night’s fight in Rio de Janeiro. Rousey would improve to 12-0 in her professional fighting career, while simultaneously handing Correia her first loss of her career, falling to 6-1. The entire fight lasted a total of 34 seconds, as Rousey knocked out Correia early in the first round. Rousey has now won nine fights by armbar submission and three fights by KO/TKO making her the best pound-for-pound female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in the world. Rousey has taken the fighting word by storm and is recognized for finishing her fights astonishingly fast. Her two fights prior to the one on Saturday night lasted a total of 30 seconds combined. Ronda Rousey has emerged as one of the top fighters, male or female, in the world. She has mastered the art of fighting and is a fantastic wrestler who also packs punching power. It seems to be a far fetched thought that she will lose her title anytime soon.

J.J. Watt Voted Number 1 on NFL Network’s “Top 100 Players of 2015”


J.J. Watt has been voted as the top dog in the NFL amongst his fellow players. At the conclusion of every season, NFL Network premieres its show “Top 100”. In this series, players all around the league are given the opportunity to choose their top 10 players in the league. In 2015, J.J. Watt was voted as number one. Watt had a great year in 2015, piling up 20.5 sacks, becoming the first ever player in NLF history to have 20 or more sacks in two separate seasons. Watt also registered 59 tackles, 10 passes defended, four forced fumbles, an interception and one touchdown on the defensive side of the ball. These stats would suggest a great season for any player, especially for a defensive lineman, but J.J. Watt’s greatness surpasses that of an average player, and he was able to contribute much more to his team. Watt became the first defensive player since 1946 to have 4 touchdowns in a season from playing both offense and defense. Watt narrowly missed out on winning the league MVP, losing to the Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but Watt has clearly made a statement to players throughout the league and is emerging as the most dominant player in the NFL as he continues his Hall of Fame career.

Find My Car App Idea

With 2015 already half-way over and the next year of sports creeps upon us, it is always important to reflect on the previous year and evaluate how we can improve our sports watching experience. We’ve all been in that situation where upon leaving a game, and after maybe consuming a few adult beverages, we have completely forgotten where the car is parked. It s understandable in many cases because fans tend to be so excited to get to the game that we simply are not paying enough attention to remember the land marks around us to recognize them later in the evening. With the new “Find My Car” app, this scenario is eliminated from life’s long list of petty problems. As long as the vehicle is equipped with its own navigation system, the Find My Car app can locate an owners vehicle in a matter of seconds. Most vehicles made since 2010 are equipped with a navigation system, and this will probably be a standard feature in all vehicles in the future. Using a wireless linkage program, such as Bluetooth, the Find My Car app always knows where your vehicle is and also contains an anti-theft system that will alert the owner if the vehicle is damaged in any kind of way while parked or is started without the phone being within at least 50 ft. of the vehicle. Other apps with similar objectives require users to pin drop their maps before leaving their vehicle and do not come with the standard anti-theft system. Using the pin drop before hand is easily forgettable and in my opinion somewhat defeats the purpose of the application. With this revolutionary new application, sports fans and people everywhere can enjoy a day out without having to worry about finding their car later on.  app

Astros Ace Dallas Keuchel Domintates in First Start Following All-Star Break

keuchelHouston Astros starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel is continuing his potential Cy-Young caliber winning season. With an American-League best ERA of 2.23, he earned a starting position in the All-Star Game five days ago. Keuchel has dominated opposing batters all year long and he did it again today striking out 13 batters and throwing for seven scoreless innings in a divisional game against the rival Texas Rangers.

Following the shut-out, Keuchel is the first pitcher in the AL to reach 12 wins.

The Astros would go on to win 10-0 and improve to 51-43 atop the Al West division.

Brett Farve inducted into Packers Hall of Fame

farveBrett Farve has reunited his marriage with Green Bay and Packers fans everywhere. The Super Bowl winner and 11-time Pro Bowler reflected on his 20-year career which began as a Packer. After running out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field, Farve expressed gratitude to be back in the city that praised him for years before his infamous dramatic split with the franchise and football back in 2008.

“I’m extremely honored and that’s probably an understatement,” Farve said. “By the end of the night, I think we’re probably all going to be tired of hearing Brett Farve stories,” via Marc Sessler and Jeremy Bergman’s article on

Brett Farve has been on of the most exciting players to watch in he history of the NFL because he played the game like a kid imagining himself in big spots as all football players do when they’re young. He will go down as  the all-time greatest gunslinger to ever play the game and his legacy will live on in football morality.

Although he had a bittersweet end with football and a terrible break up with Green Bay, Brett Farve will forever be remembered as a Packer, and as one of the greatest to ever wear the Packer uniform. There will never be another No. 4 to wear yellow and green in the NFL again, and the legacy of Brett Farve will be that of a man who simply loved to play football.

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